Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sleep Couponing

Not much activity in the coupon world for me the last few days. I did go out in an attempt to get several items from a few different stores but I was so sleep deprived and had my two little ones with me... didn't work out like I had planned. I was hoping to get free cookie dough at Winco, but unfortunately prices vary from store to store, so no free dough at mine. I also went there for $0.38 Jimmy Dean Sausage but ran into the same problem as with the cookie dough. I left Winco empty handed and headed to Safeway. Got 10 bags of Goldfish Crackers for $0.88 each, some good sized frozen pizzas for $1.50, and four $0.17 liters of soda. Then I went off to Wally World and got more free dental floss, a couple more boxes of the $0.87 fabric softener and a nice razor for my honey. Final destination was Target. I got a free Rimmel mascara and a free Rimmel eye shadow. I also got two 4-pks of GE Reveal light bulbs for $0.04 each, French's brown mustard for $0.39 each, a few bags of Huggies diapers for around $5 each and a free bag of Huggies wipes.  Not too sure what is up next... the end of the month is approaching and I am excited to announce how much money I have saved this month :)

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