Sunday, January 16, 2011

Signs of an addict....

Well they say denial is a sign, but I definately don't have that! I am fully aware I am becoming more and more addicted to coupons each day. I look at my stockpile in the making and I feel happy inside. When I have finished clipping all of my coupons and there are no more to be cut, I feel sad. When I see my husband touching my coupons I feel very anxious and want nothing more than for him to step away. I buy my Sunday papers on Saturday and can't wait for the mail on Tuesday because thats where the Albertson's ad is and DOUBLE COUPONS! I think about coupons while I am laying in bed at night and I don't want to buy anything unless its on sale AND I have a coupon! I don't go out and do things or craft, so I guess this is my hobby :)

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