Sunday, January 9, 2011

Frustrating trip to Walgreen's

My main purpose of going to Walgreen's today was to get free Bic Triumph pens ($5.39 each) and free Reach Toothbrushes ($.499 each). I went to the pens first and got the 4 they had left, though I had enough coupons for 5. As I was leaving that aisle another couponer came in behind me with her binder in hand... I'm sure she was looking for the pens and she gave me a little glare LOL. Next was the toothbrushes. Turns out those were not going to be free, but more like $1.00 each. I still picked up 6 of those. Then I had a coupon for a free mega box of huggies ($18), but they didn't have them in stock. So after I gathered everything I wanted and got to the check out stand... the only clerk was some little old woman who had reached the last 15 minutes of her shift (she told me) and I don't think she was very happy to see my stack of coupons. My coupons for 25cent boxes of band aids were not working so I just had her remove them from my bag. Next a coupon for Infants Trimenic did not work. She said it was for another store, however it was a peel off from inside Walgreen's. Whatever I had her take that out of my bag too. One of my coupons for dental floss and one for Listerine also did not work. So in the end, after standing at the check out for about 15 minutes, my total out of pocket was $54.35. Total savings from coupons was $57.50. I didn't do as well as I had hoped. If those damn coupons would have worked, and had huggies been in stock, it would have been much more satisfying. So what I got was 2 12packs of Scott toilet paper, 3 boxes of Kleenex, 4 bottles of dish soap, 2 packs of dental floss, 6 reach toothbrushes, 1 bottle of Listerine, 3 packs of Duracel batteries, 1 box of Visine, and 3 2packs of Bic Triumph Roller pens. I will probably hit up another Walgreen's for more pens.

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