Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Finally got my dishwasher liquid.. and them some.

Here is this week's score so far.
(6) boxes of Snuggle Dryer Sheets           $0.87...reg $2.99
(4) Jugs of Snuggle Fabric softner            $1.75...reg $5.49
(8) Jugs of Finish Dishwasher Liquid        $0.74...reg $4.99
(2) Boxes Finish Dishwasher Powder      $0.74...reg $4.99
(2) Finish Dishwasher Cleaners               $0.74...reg $4.99
(5) Jugs ALL Laundry Soap                   $2.99...reg $5.99

Total before savings $129.73
Total out of pocket  $36.05
Total savings $93.68 or 73%!

We shouldn't have to buy dishwasher soap or fabric softner for a year! If I find my Quaker coupons in time I will get boxes of instant oatmeal for $0.30 each!

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