Thursday, February 3, 2011

Softsoap Stock Up!!

Now we don't have to buy hand soap for a verrrrrry long time! We have added 25 bottles of Soaftsoap to our stockpile! Wahoo! We also scored a totally free box of adult butt wipes for free! We got 5 of the Softsoaps lastnight so here are today's totals for the other 20 and the wipes.

(20) Softsoaps reg$2.19 each paid $0.65 each
(1)  Scott Flushable Butt Wipes reg $3.49 each paid FREE

Nobody around here doubles coupons unless its a special promo.... so jealous of the people that regularly get their coupons doubled!!!

Total before savings $47.29 total paid $13.00. Thats a savings of $34.29 or 73%!!!


  1. WOW... Your good mama.. i wouldn't have anywhere to store it all though.. lol

  2. Yup we need to buy some shelving for our garage.