Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Sooooo I went to Safeway to score some STEAK!!! New York steak was on sale reg $9.99/lb on sale for $5.99/lb. I bought 3 and had the meat guy pack em seperate so I could use 3 of my $2 off Rancher's Reserve Beef purchase. I also got a sweet deal on Softsoap and Dr Pepper! Anyways I checked out and the price seemed higher than I was expecting.... I was more disappointed than suspicious. When I got home I was looking over the receipt and noticed instead of each meat coupon deducting $2.00 they each deducted $0.01!!! A PENNY!! I drove back to the store with my receipt (not the steaks) and pointed it out to the lady at the customer service desk. We argued for 5 minutes over my damn coupons. She insisted I could only use one per transaction. The fine print clearly says "One item per coupon". That means I can only use one steak per one coupon. It doesn't say anything about limiting coupons per transaction. She told me I would have to check out three seperate times to get my deal and then in some condescending voice says "I know coupons can be hard to understand!" BITCH PLEASE! I know I am right and anyone who knows coupons knows I am right... I could have used 100 of those coupons in one transaction if I had them and 100 steaks!!! GRRRRRRRRRRR!!! Anyways I was hungry so I took the refund for ONE coupon and was on my merry way. So since I AM RIGHT I am going to give you the totals as they SHOULD HAVE BEEN.

New York Strip Steaks
#1 reg $11.99 paid $1.59
#2 reg $10.69 paid $2.87
#3 reg $10.59 paid $2.82

Five bottles of Softsoap reg $2.19 each paid $0.65 each

Three 2LT Dr Pepper reg $1.79 each paid $0.34 each

Total before savings $49.59 Total (shoulda been) after savings $7.28.. an 85% savings.

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