Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How to make the most of Swagbucks!

I'm sure you have heard of them and have no idea what they are. Or maybe you have signed up, but have yet to earn a single one. It really isn't that hard to start racking them up! I earn Swagbucks for things you do online every day! The first way I earn is by having the tool bar installed. Every day I use my home pc internet I earn 1 Swagbuck for having the tool bar. The next way I earn is the daily poll. Answer one simple question and get 1 Swagbuck. Another simple way is clicking into the trusted surveys. I never qualify for the surveys and don't really try to anymore, but I do go get my 1 Swagbuck just for visiting the page. So whooptydo on those right? No! Just by doing those three nearly effortless things, you earn 1095 Swagbucks over a one year period.

Now I earn MOST of my Swagbuck through SEARCH. I never utilize my favorites tab, and I never type in a URL to whatever you call that bar where you type a website. If I want to go to facebook, I type "facebook" into the Swagbucks search engine. I want to check my mail I type "hotmail" into the search engine. I earn about 40-50 Swagbucks a day doing this. Fridays are supposed to be MegaSwagbucks day where you can earn alot more...the most I have scored in one search on a Friday is standard prize on any given search any day of the week is 11.

You can also earn by printing and using coupons from For every coupon redeemed you get 10 Swagbucks.....if you use coupons like I do then you know those can add up big time!!! You can also earn bucks by watching videos on the SwagbucksTV.... I just play them and let them run in the background as I do other stuff online. This isn't my favorite way to earn, but it works.

If you qualify for surveys you can earn anywhere from 50-200ish bucks... you can trade in your old cell phones, text books, video games ect for points....

If you love to shop online then you are really missing out!!! Swagbucks offers thisdeal called Shop and Earn. They have a zillion stores, including Walmart, Target,,, Best Buy.... go through Swagbucks and you get 2 Swagbucks for every $1 you spend.

Ahh and the elusive SwagCode!!! These come out 1 to several times a week day. They can be posted on facebook or hidden on the Swagbucks website. I guess they have a blog as well where it may be mentioned. SwagCodes are case sensitive, sometimes user unique, and usually range from 3-10 bucks. There was a 50 pointer announced on facebook but I didn't hear about it until after it expired. There is a website that you can sign up to have text you whenever a code is out, but that is cheating and if Swagbucks were to find out that you are using it or promoting it, your account would be deleted.

And the final method I would like to touch on is the Daily Deals. If you love to buy Groupons, LivingSocial, can earn 450+ Swagbucks just for clicking into the Groupon or whoever website through Swagbucks.

There are lots of things you can cash your Swagbucks in for, but I am an junky.... I have cashed in on nine $5 gift cards to support my cloth diaper habit. So what are you waiting for?? Follow this link and start WINNING today!!!

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